PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari, quality accredited ( ISO 9001:2008 )

By all the hard work, continuous improvement, learning from mistakes, regular training throughout several years, finally, in January 2012, PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari was officially certified for ISO 9001:2008 as the accreditation for the strong determination towards improvement... read more


PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari, quality accredited ( ISO 9001:2008 )

Article by : Edbert Lim,B.A

By all the hard work, continuous improvement, learning from mistakes, regular training throughout several years, finally, in January 2012, PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari was officially certified for ISO 9001:2008 as the accreditation for the strong determination towards improvement... read more

Launching a new website interface

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Despite the truth that PT. SIL could be considered as a big and fast growing company, in additional, the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 has completely boost up a lot in terms of reliability and fame. by the good promotion and marketing strategy, it would be a complete package... read more

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SEW, the world leader in driving technology

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Sales and Marketing

In the process of growing and increasing our capacity, PT. SIL has recruited few sales and marketing staff with a well manage team who are ready to be wide spread according to each territory along the island. They are trained to work fast and professional by giving the best service in terms of response, product knowledge, consistency and responsibility. Visiting mills in the purpose of survey or problem solving will be part of their routine.

They have also gone through regular product training and marketing seminars conducted by our principals from SEW, CK KSB, Boilermech, Phoenix and etc. Besides product knowledge, we also were being trained to be a professional sales and marketer in terms of personal attitude, manners, and etc.

Technical Support

The signature of PT.SIL comparing to others is the after sales service and the technical support. There are a lot of supplier who just sell without any responsibility in providing service and technical knowledge, but for SIL, servicing is our main priority.

There are around 20 technical experts in total and a quiet big isolated service area complete with crane and tools for each in our workshop. 10 technician are for the in-house service and the other 10 are those who ready to be sent outside to do the technical support including commissioning, on site problem solving, technical consultation and etc.

Research & Production Center

PT. SIL in the year of 2012 has completed 20% of local published machines. And hopefully, we can reach 80% of local publication in the year of 2016 as listed in our target. And in many ways, this research and production center is playing a big role in archiving that goal.

Not only inventing and producing new machines, but this department has the duty in doing research for unit's modification. Generating plans, units or products design, drawing and etc are being performed routinely in this department's office. It was formed in the year 2010 and till now, it has invented few SIL local published products which have been sold quite a lot :

  • SIL Digester
  • SIL Single Barrel
  • SIL Hammer Mill
  • SIL Cracker Ripple Mill
And etc.

Quality Control & Logistic

In supporting the ISO 9001:2008 qualification and in order to maintain the accreditation, The QC department has also recently formed, by investing a quite big number of hiring experts, offices and tools. We believe, less complains against product's performance or damage would occur.

QC member's job is to do the last checking of the performance before the goods are ready to be contributed which means it plays a big role in making sure the performance of SIL products and our professionalism.

Every single unit or parts that check-in and checkout, must be well inspected. The tested units will be identified by a QC passed stickers.


PT. SIL is considered as the biggest stockiest in terms of mechanical supplier since few years back, and by the year of 2012, we have increased the capacity by re-manage our warehouse into an ISO 9001:2008 standard. The purpose in upgrading this department is because we have the commitment to provide a quick solution for customers in terms of stock.

List of ready stocks :

  • SEW geared motor, gearbox for digester, gearbox for press machines and kernel press
  • CK pumps and Ulysses pumps
  • PC chains ( more or less, around 1500 meters )
  • Electrim Power Motor
  • Heatcraft heater
  • Spare parts for vibrating, centrifuge, pumps, gears
And etc.

Not only that, new offices were constructed, 3 unit additional forklift with latest technology (battery system) were also have been prepared.


SIL workshop takes almost half of the SIL building and also considered as the biggest and most important department which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Our workshops are the places of production of SIL local products.

Planning and timing is our main concern, with a proper and good planning, the production can be much more effective.

We have also set a limit for each products production. We are able to produce a 4500 Digester in 4 weeks time including finishing and QC check. SIL single barrel can be completed in 4 weeks time including finishing and coupling (ready unit), according to ISO 9001:2008 standard of quality assurance.